Test of Character

by Stepping Stone

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released June 5, 2016

Recorded by Chris Dimas @ Grind Central Station
Mixed and mastered by Avrinder Dhillon
Released on Hard Loss Records



all rights reserved


Stepping Stone regina, Saskatchewan

Queen City Hardcore Punk Rock

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Track Name: Love Hunter
Time passed and I thought that I grew

But I still detest everything you do

Can’t keep up with my hate

Need to stay beside it before it’s to late

We’re all paying for others mistakes

And when you need change you can’t sit and wait

Sometimes you can choose the price that you pay

Sometimes a mindset is a choice you can make

But here’s the fucking problem – My hate is always piling

Fight to keep up stay out of its shade

Fighting endlessly for choices that I never made

And when these thoughts of loss keep creeping in

I let myself believe that I will never win

But my past won’t keep up with my fate

People won’t ruin my ideals

Always moving, never surpassed by hate

Firm grip on my life no matter what it takes

There’s no fucking problem – these problems I will solve them
Track Name: Stay & Suffer
Don’t have time to sit around and fake it

Time’s up it’s time to face it

Stay around you, I’ll always lose

Only got one option left to choose

I won’t stay and suffer from your rules

Times run out I’ll face the things you do


I won’t stay anymore

I won’t lose anymore

Rather walk alone until I’m frozen to the bone

If I stay I know I’m gonna suffer
Track Name: Dragged Out
A violent situation was just a test of time

Put our pain on our backs tried to outweigh each other

Brought out tools of torture - seeing blood put us at ease

In the end on the scales I felt equality

I do not I don’t believe, what lives in you is not in me

Drag me out for all to see, firm standing I’m free

Made pain a competition in this ugly time

Dragged out for too long picking at each others lives

Tore down every last bit, no one willing to quit

Skinless in hole, peaceful ending unfit

I do not I don’t believe, what lives in you is not in me

Drag me out for all to see, firm standing I’m free

You dragged me out, I tore you down

When you covered my eyes, I started swinging blind

When I removed the folds, my pain was my own and I took control

No winner in the tournament of torture

My own power took the weight off my shoulders

Washed off the blood and I saw my skin again

Pulled the gravel from my wounds when I felt it sinking in
Track Name: Rose
Unexpected tests of character are what keep you alive

In this life you’re guaranteed to get bit

How much time will spend with your face in your hands?

Life passes as your sitting feeling sorry for yourself

To be better is all you want as for me, I’m not your help

The snakes have bitten you but also shown you a new light

They showed you who was who and focused on your future sight

I know you see it now it’s time to show your power

They threw their dirt and now you carry flowers
Track Name: Hand In Hand
Committed to each other when you were sixteen

Now years have passed by and you’ve forgot how long it’s been

Since you haven’t felt smothered by the sight of each other

When you search for an escape you’re the farthest thing from lovers

The farthest thing from lovers

I’m no master of love itself but I can see the signs when someone wants out

Reach inside if deep down you know

When you walk with the past you’ll never grow

Three things bind you both for seeing clear

These cohesive states are all you hold dear

Eyes closed you think your hand in hand

But all you grip is attachment, lust and fear

Don’t want to tell how to live your life

But all you do is hint that something isn’t right

And it’s not my fucking job to change that for you

Find it inside cause change is long overdue

It’s your fucking life
Track Name: Ill Company
These poison seeds haven’t taken effect on me

Didn’t have the result these gardeners wished to achieve

Saw the lumps and cut them from under my skin

Simplicity in accepting suffering

I cut them out while you avoid, you have to do it by choice

More agony is waiting; you’re surrounded in the noise of

Poison people who will always make you ill

Sitting idle their pollution starts to kill

And it’s not only themselves

The toxic waste is spilling right into your mouth

Right into your mouth

Cutting thick weeds has never been easy

When the seeds grew injecting venom called pity

Slowly you felt your sickness climb, until you became as weak as them

So I refuse to ever enter my home with any thorns in my skin