2015 Demo

by Stepping Stone

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released April 20, 2015

Recorded by: Jesse Bergecelli & Jhary Friesen
Mixed and Mastered by: Jesse Bergecelli
Photography by: Quentin Friesen Photography



all rights reserved


Stepping Stone regina, Saskatchewan

Queen City Hardcore Punk Rock

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Track Name: Unbreakable
The undertow is far too much for me to hold
Stronger than anything that I felt before
The tide built up and it swept me off my feet
Persevere, take the heat, don't accept defeat

Chains around my wrist, cement around my feet
You sank me down until I hit the bottom - so deep
So more than anything I felt before
I'll rise up and I'll settle up the score

I'll make you feel, I'll make you know
The pain that lasted for 1,000 years or more
No longer searching for a better way to score
At last I found my path, no more anger as you laugh
You'll feel, you'll know
The pain that pushed me to the deepest ocean floor
You'll feel, you'll hate
What I've become

You slit the throat of confidence but I will persevere
Didn't you hear? The end is near
It should be me that you fear
Track Name: Ink
The ink was still wet on the birth certificate when you ran away
Emotions and options he couldn't articulate at an age so young
But he turned and he turned fast when you grabbed the bottle and never looked back
You'll never see his face again

The ink was still wet when you turned and you ran like that
But he will stand
Life that is doomed from the start, got to break the mold
And he will fight

How could you turn the key and drive away? An enigma to my mind
Victims to bottles over the counter - depression's all I find
How you thought two lives were so disposable, I will never understand
Try to run and hide mother fucker, you're a coward of a man

Can you break the cycle when you're born face down in the dirt?
Can you break the mold when you're born made of plaster?

But he will stand and he'll fight
He'll make it through the night
He will stand and he'll fight
You'll never break him
Track Name: Tether
I'm no servant for your wants and your needs
I am a privilege to you, that's something you don't see
The path is wide enough for you and I to walk side by side
But you wait at the end to direct my life

Hunger for freedom burns freely inside of me
But I can't wake up from this hypnotic sleep
When will the day come when I start living for me?
Lost servant at sea

Is my purpose just to benefit you?
Is my presence just something to use?
Bark your orders and tell me that "I better"
I'll listen no more, my love. Watch me break your tether

Grip on time quickly slipping away
Just to meet your needs every precious day
I'm wearing thin and I'm growing tired
How much time will it take before I simply expire?

Expire, I feel my life slip away
Feels like any any day could be my final day
But, I don't look back and I don't regret a word that I've said
Something bigger, something's brewing so you've gotta make way
Track Name: Rat Trap
Life trials always push me around. I hit the ground - a familiar sound
You say you'll sink me down, down, down. But, I don't think that you have enough

Built me up, broke me down
But this time, you won't see me stick around
You're a rat in a false reality
Your life will guide you to the trap where you can't touch me

Your false agenda will burn in time. Like your strength, you're nothing to bat an eye (so weak)
Your clock is ticking, get in line. I'll catch you caught up in your web of lies
Step forward - one foot with the other. Don't trip on what you spew (shit from your mouth)
I'll be the best version of myself and watch you fall down south

Do you know where your stepping stones sit? Mine rise high and yours fall to the ditch
Rock bottom is a solid foundation. I've built it before and I can do it again

Built me up, broke me down
But this time you won't see me stick around
You're a rat in a fucking maze
Spine broken and poisoned - take the bait

I will never be what you want me to be
Rat find your way in to the trap
Track Name: World Toll
Take a life and break a life. Inflicted by your selfish path
No remorse for what you do, your actions only focused on you

People suffer while you laugh. Good thoughts are absent from your head
Now we sit back and we wait for the world to swallow you whole

Your pit of fire burns higher and higher with every move that you make
You'll pay the cost for all the lives you've torn
You'll pay for what you take - watch you break

Taken back
Swallowed whole
You'll pay the world toll